The Afternoon Dump: Kobe Can Jump, April 9th In Sports, Michael Phelps Parties, Tweet Tweet Charlie Weis, 7th Grader Basketball Shot, Dworaczyk New Basketball Jersey

Kobe Jump, April 9 Sports, Michael Phelps Parties, Tweet Charlie Weis

The girl from the O.C. likes to get naked.

Running a little late today. Sorry about that.

Now that I have the computer situation figured out now I have to decide if I want to stay with Verizon or switch to AT&T. If I stick with Verizon then I will get the Blackberry Storm but if I  switch to AT&T then I can get the iPhone. Choices, choices, choices.

Feel free to send me your links or your opinion about the phones . . .


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Kobe Bryant jumps over car [Youtube] (Thanks HHR)

The famous April 9th throughout sports [Vent About Sports]

Who cares that Michael Phelps likes to party, who doesn’t? [Sports Crackle Pop]

Fan burning Vick’s football jersey, luckily he is doing construction [Tailgating Ideas]

Charlie Weis likes to tweet away [Rumors and Rants]

The real way to get your calves big [The Sporting Blog]

You know you have luck when everything plays in your favor [The Slanch Report]

Hope Dworaczyk wears a painted on Jason Kidd jersey [Total Pro Sport]

Karlie likes to flaunt her stuff [HGOM]

Jennifer Denise hasn’t modeled long but she is doing good [Coed]

Don’t know many Manda’s in the world but this one is good looking [Gorilla Mask]

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