The Afternoon Dump: Kobe Can Jump, April 9th In Sports, Michael Phelps Parties, Tweet Tweet Charlie Weis, 7th Grader Basketball Shot, Dworaczyk New Basketball Jersey


The girl from the O.C. likes to get naked.

Running a little late today. Sorry about that.

Now that I have the computer situation figured out now I have to decide if I want to stay with Verizon or switch to AT&T. If I stick with Verizon then I will get the Blackberry Storm but if I  switch to AT&T then I can get the iPhone. Choices, choices, choices.

Feel free to send me your links or your opinion about the phones . . .

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Kobe Bryant jumps over car [Youtube] (Thanks HHR)

The famous April 9th throughout sports [Vent About Sports]

Who cares that Michael Phelps likes to party, who doesn’t? [Sports Crackle Pop]

Fan burning Vick’s football jersey, luckily he is doing construction [Tailgating Ideas]

Charlie Weis likes to tweet away [Rumors and Rants]

The real way to get your calves big [The Sporting Blog]

You know you have luck when everything plays in your favor [The Slanch Report]

Hope Dworaczyk wears a painted on Jason Kidd jersey [Total Pro Sport]

Karlie likes to flaunt her stuff [HGOM]

Jennifer Denise hasn’t modeled long but she is doing good [Coed]

Don’t know many Manda’s in the world but this one is good looking [Gorilla Mask]

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