Redskins Select Cheerleaders After Bikini Contest/Rap Video Finale



While you’ve been busy worrying about March Madness and baseball’s opening day, NFL cheerleader squads are being picked at a rapid pace.

(Tampa, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the Patriots to name a few)

There is no real off season for a NFL cheerleader. There is the regular season, Pro Bowl for some, off-season training progams followed by 3-4 rounds of tryouts which leads to an early summer bikini calendar shoot and then the all important training camp to prepare for the 2009-2010 season.

We’re at the tryout stage of the year and the world famous (second to the Cowboys’ ladies?) held their annual cheerleader selection show at D.C.-area theater this past weekend. About 100 people were invited to the Miss America/Miss Fitness USA/Miss Bikini/Rap Video show.


The “You Have To Look Like NFL Cheerleader” part of show.

55 ladies were invited to perform and at the end of the night the team of 43 and 3 alternates would be selected.

From our fuzzy math that would leave 9 women going home disappointed and trying to figure out when the Ravens tryouts start.

After looking around the Net for images and video of this event something struck us – there is an evening (club/bar) gown part of the show.

That seems strange to us because you should probably know if a woman is pretty enough to be an NFL cheerleader after the bikini portion.

Suggestion: cancel the evening gown and substitute in a talent show so we can see how these women will handle drunken fans. Have 10-12 hardcore Redskins fans at this event and see how the women handle being told how beautiful they are.

If they crack, you’re out.

Maybe next year.

[Photos by DCDogg]





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The Miss America gown-type portion with a twist.

The all important, “Can you dance with pom poms in your hands?”

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