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Anna Kournikova's 7 Steps To Preparing For A Triathlon


Step One: Warm the buns.

Yeah, Anna Kournikova ran a triathlon this past weekend.

Since you won’t even read much further, we’ll cut to the chase.

This is the “7-Step Anna Kournikova Triathlon Preparation Guide.”

With clickable photos to give you a better look at how a world famous tennis player prepares herelf for a grueling race.

A news report from the race if you are into that type of coverage.


Step Two: Stretch the shoulders with a fix of the ponytail.


Step Three: Last minute itching.



Step Four and Five: Drive bloggers nuts with bend over back stretching.


Step Six: Inner thigh routine to prevent pulling a groin.


Step Seven: Not even sure and don’t care.

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