Virginia Tech Cheerleader Does Test Shoot For Playboy Girls Of ACC Issue



This probably won’t go over well with the Virginia Tech cheerleading coach.

One of the team’s freshman cheerleaders did a Playboy “Girls of the ACC” test shoot last week and her name made it onto a local NBC affliate’s Web site which was then entered into a Google search.

The results of our search led us to finding out that Carly Hinchman is a Hokies cheerleader.

We smell drama!

Hinchman, an Atlanta native, smiled proudly as a Roanoke news station interviewed her and a friend about doing the test shoot for Playboy.

No, her parents didn’t know about this. And we’re guessing the same goes for the cheerleading coach.


From the NBC report:

Carly Hinchman and Maggie Cook, both freshmen, are friends and decided to try out together.

“When we’re older and it’s 20 years from now, we can be like, remember when we tried out for Playboy?“ Cook said.

Carly goes on to say that she will tell her parents if Playboy calls back.

We hate to break the news to you, but Playboy is calling back. From what we can see from the Va. Tech visit, there is no doubt Hef’s people would love to have a teenage college cheerleader posing in their magazine.

It would send shock waves through the industry (blogosphere) if Hef can pull off this one.

Carly’s parents are in for a huge shock when they either get a phone call or do a Google search.

[Hokie Cheerleading]

[Girls Audition For Playboy In Blacksburg]

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