The Afternoon Dump: Gorgeous Girls Golfing, Fred Smoot Likes Fat Boys, Jordan’s Application For Hall of Fame, Women Can’t Borrow Cars, Douchebag Octo-mom, Hot MTV Hostess


No one could ever get sick of Adriana Lima.

Had to buy a new laptop today. I bought the Dell Studio 15, should be pretty sweet. HP said they would fix my laptop for free but then I had  a service fee of $300, not worth fixing. I was planning on getting a new laptop in the summer, may as well get it now rather than spending money.

At least MSU made it to the championship.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Gorgeous girls golfing [Coed]

Chris Berman on opening day back in 1988 [NESW Sports]

Fred Smoot likes fat boys [Laddy McFaddy]

Cowboys Tight End has a blog [The Sporting Blog]

Jodan’s application for the hall of fame [Hoop Doctor]

This is how rednecks do it at golf outing [Friends of the Program]

The winner of March Madness Bloggers Contest [InGameNow]

The reason why women cant borrow your car [Tasty Booze]

Octo-mom is douchebag of the year [Holy Taco]

Need a lot of bikini pics. . . Brandi Pierce [Gorilla Mask]

Hot Brazilian MTV hostess [Double Viking]

A girl on a hardwood floor that is gorgeous [Next Round]

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