OSU "Who The F@ck Is That Chick" Revealed, Has Message For Michigan


BC Special Assignment Reporter Art McGregor continues to amaze us with his photo discoveries.

Over the weekend Art sent word that he somehow put two and two together and figured out the puzzle to “Who The F@ck Is That Chick” from our trip to ESPN Gameday at Ohio State back in October.

This is why we pay our editors the big dollars. They come up with finds like the following photos of Shari.


Art says that Shari is a sophomore from Pittsburgh who, as you can see, is an aspiring model.

We also must congratulate her on wasting little time getting into the “F” Michigan spirit.

Her photo will now be spread around Ohio State message boards and used as avatars. That is when you know you’ve made it as a model.

Some out of work Ohioan guy on BuckNuts figures out a way to .gif your image.





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