Daily Dump: Above Average NASCAR Photo Essay, Hating On Phillies, PGA WAG Material, Celebs Caught Doing Drugs And Diora Baird Turns 26



Victoria frolics in ocean off Miami Beach. Sure beats the snow here.

Small Dump to get you going this Monday.

Our fingers are frozen considering the furnace had been turned off and we were awaken to a dusting of snow.

Who’s ready for some baseball? Temps in the low 40s today in Cincy. Sounds like a blast.

2-6 inches of snow in Detroit. Sure hope North Carolina fans brought a winter coat.



Today’s Dump:

An awesome photo essay into this weekend in NASCAR [Friends of the Program]

Women’s Final Four: Nice court [The Dagger]

America now hating the Phillies? Seems logical [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Josh Howard rubs in loss in Suns face with this 3/4 courter [Phil Knows Best]

Blogger watches Wrestlemania, has full report [Rumors and Rants]

PGA WAG Material: a Swedish goddess named Elin [Gunaxin]

Rally car driver falls off mountain, lives to tell [Total Pro Sports]

Top 10 Celebrities Caught Doing Drugs On Camera [Manofest]

Diora Baird getting up there, turns 26 [MoonDog]

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