Photos: Ty Lawson Gambling On Craps In Reno



Are all of you over 21?

Are we surprised Ty Lawson was gambling in a Detroit casino?

No way.

Imagine yourself spending 5 days holed up in a downtown Detroit hotel. What would you do? Study?

Take it from someone who has spent many nights gambling in downtown Detroit. There isn’t dick going on besides rolling the bones, hitting up a dive bar or eating a gyro in Greektown.

Lawson, who hasn’t always made the right choices (see the DUI arrest), seems to crave the excitement of gambling. A simple image search revealed pictures of Lawson and teammates hitting the tables in Reno during a New Year’s trip to play Nevada.


We have no issue with Lawson and his boys hitting the tables for some action.

The real question here is what can happen to the younger players on a team. They look up to Lawson, follow him into battle and see him as the leader. He’s the future NBAer. He’ll make millions. Everything is cool. All good.

You know what happens to impressionable young men like 18 and 19-year-olds?

They make big mistakes. And programs can be turned upside down by such instances.

As Roy Williams told the media assembled in Detroit:

“If we don’t want these kids doing it, don’t put the Final Four in a city where the casino is 500 yards from our front door,” Williams said. “And they got a great buffet in there. I mean, come on.”

Roy’s team didn’t have to stay inside the city. He could have vetoed it. Roy goes on to say that he gambles at such casinos.

But Roy seems to forget that impressionable young men make bad decisions. Just to remind everyone, the FBI is still looking into point shaving and gambling allegations in the University of Toledo sports program.

And you know where these athletes were recruited? Detroit casinos.

Just saying.


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