The Hottest Girls Of The SEC Companion Post With More Of Arkansas Cheerleader Jenna’s Abs



This might be the last college cheerleader to meet Gary Sheffield as a Detroit Tiger, reports Art McGregor.

Jenna has also been in the same room with American Idol David Cook. It’s unclear how she manages to meet such high caliber celebrities, but it might have something to do with the abs, says Art.

She’s not the hottest thing in the world, but my god … look at her abs. College cheerleaders. Can you beat it? She’s an aspiring dentist who has 20/20 vision. Everything else is unimportant.

We’ve always had this fantasy of a hot female dentist with awesome abs working on the teeth and one thing leads to another.

In this fantasy we can’t even see the dentist’s face. Our eyes never go higher than the neck.

Hopefully our dental plan allows us trips to Arkansas every 6 months.




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