Cuff ‘Em: East Lansing Police Ready For Possible Michigan State Rioting



The word out of East Lansing just a day away from the Michigan State Spartans appearance in the Final Four is this – screw with this city, go to straight to jail.

Local media has been warning students, drunks, idiots and troublemakers that police are not messing around this year after violence and debauchery just one year ago during CedarFest ’08.

Cops are hoping for a repeat of 2000.

“The times MSU has been in the Final Four — 1999, 2000, 2003 and 2005 — we’ve had disturbances every time other than 2000,” (a police official) said, referring to the year when the Spartans beat Florida in the championship game.

That’s some nice pressure.

(Cops) Um, fellas, you win and the students won’t rip down telephone poles and burn cars.

You lose, the students and idiots burn couches, girls flash their chests and we work overtime in a down economy.

We’ll be waiting for the news.

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[CedarFest ’08 Photos]

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