Daily Dump: Andrew Bynum Hula Hoop Rehab, Caliparication, Cheerleaders Of The Final Four, What An MMA WAG Looks Like, Pimp Pays W/McNuggets And Kelly Brook Goes To The Beach



Honey and coffee beans on hot chicks. A new genre for drink snobs.

Calipari took a job.


We’re still trying to figure out what the hell that hippie chick on American Idol is up to. She is stoned, or something.

Her Marley last night was legendary. She is so burnt out that her head isn’t catching up with her mouth. Only a campfire surrounded by a bunch of dopers would think that sounded good.

Oh, and the NBA was on last night. Of course we didn’t watch.



Today’s Dump:

Andrew Bynum’s knee must feel good enough to Hula Hoop [YardBarker]

Seems logical: Calipari gets own son Caliparication [Ryan Parker]

Cheerleaders of the Final Four [Coed]

This is what an MMA WAG looks like [CagePotato]

Who’s the Hottest Chick In A Tim Tebow Photo? [Barstool Sports]

Mets fan not buying this “No Obstructed” views claim [MetsPolice]

Need to see a ‘sick’ hockey shootout goal? Here you go [TotalProSports]

Soccer fan gets some humping action in on this mascot [Dirty Tackle]

Ever buy a car from a Cuban gynecologist? Here’s your chance [Holy Taco]

Pimp pays prostitute with McNuggets [Blog of Hilarity]

World’s largest Oreo is pretty damn impressive [NextRound]

Today’s Tail:

101 Slave Pricess Leia Bikini Photos to satisfy you [Manofest]

The Giant Ass buys a new car [CelebSlam]

Kelly Brook nips on display on trip to the beach [The Daily Fix]

Sung Hi Lee needs some birthday spankings [MoonDog]

This is what Italian reality stars really look like [Uncoached]

6 child actresses who grew up to be really hot [MickLanders]

Maria makes us want to, um, look at Mexican men’s mags [CamelTap]

Malin Ackerman in Maxim will keep you busy [Flisted]

German pop singer in a bikini, anyone? Here you go [The Grumpiest]

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