Cuff 'Em: Jillian McCarney Trial Date Set For Assault Charges


We’re amused by the news that Jillian McCarney, daughter of Florida assistant football coach Dan, will go to trial with her case of hitting a cop during a drunken confrontation earlier this year.

You might remember her as the chick who said her family could take care of charges and that the arresting cop didn’t know who he was messing with.

Paraphrasing, of course.


To refresh your foggy memory:

After telling officers she was Dan McCarney’s daughter and that he would take physical action on them, she reportedly threatened the officer repeatedly and told him that all of her charges would be dropped because her name is “McCarney” and they have “a lot of money.”

That isn’t what got Jillian in trouble. She was also taking swings at the cop.

We’re guessing some sort of plea deal comes out of this before the June 8 trial. Our prediction is a guilty plea in return for some community service and no drinking for a month.

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