Dallas Cop Robert Powell Couldn’t Wait To Shoot People

The story out of Dallas where Ryan Moats was harrassed by a cop just keeps getting stranger.

It seems the officer, Robert Powell, has left quite a trail of Internet evidence into his thinking about his job.

Yesterday we tracked down a page (above) from his now infamous Xanga site where he made comments in 2006 that are at least disturbing and possibly career ending.

See what Powell says about this photo of himself, here.

Powell, who has since taken down his Internet dribbles, let his true feelings out in the 2006 post.

“The count downs begins:

18 days of work then the real work starts and I can shoot people.”

The Moats’ are now saying “that Dallas police officer Robert Powell pointed his gun at Tamishia Moats during the recent traffic stop in which Powell prevented Ryan Moats from seeing his dying mother-in-law.”

This probably isn’t the guy you want carrying around a gun but that is just our opinion. We’ll leave a final decision to the experts who obviously don’t monitor their officers Web sites.

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