Afternoon Dump: Shakira Loves Tennis, Kendra Sells Stripper Poles, Top 40 Cars From Films

Sometimes in life, you just have to accept who you are and what you’ve become.   Like Paris Hilton realizes she’s just a prostitute who doesn’t actually get paid for her “work”.   Lindsay Lohan realizes she’s a has been that will be doing porn soon.  And Christina Aguilera, well, she realizes that showing her boobs to adoring fans will still keep her relevant to bloggers like me


Afternoon Dump:

Shakira must really like tennis (The World of Isaac)

Kendra is selling her own stripper poles (Sports Crackle Pop)

The next Anna Kournikova (Capitals Outsider)

Top 40 Cars from Films (Screen Junkies)

Top 10 Buzz Hype phrases from movies (Ice Ice Babies)

Linemen pulls out a gun to protect himself from fans (The Spoiler)

Rihanna has a new squeeze (Moondog Sports)

Great News if you’re a Red Sox fan (Josh Q Public)

Someone stole the Mets Second Base (Home Run Derby)

Andre Igoudala plays Obama on Jimmy Fallon (NESW Sports)

Cuff ‘Em: Former Georgia Bulldog Kelin Johnson Takes Leak In Cop Car, Busted For DUI
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