Clarification: Denver Dream QB Is 23 Going On 24


We’d like to send out an apology to Lindsey (A.K.A. Jackie) Szvetits, the new QB of the Denver Dream who’ll be members of the Lingerie Football League.

In our Lingerie Football League post this past week we made the following comment:

Now, not to be dicks, but we’re not buying that she is 23. That is like Alfonso Soriano not aging during his Yankees career.

Not possible.

At the time we forgot that Lindsey was married to a muscle dude who would pop our blogger asses like a nice juicy pimple on his left thigh.

Of course she called us out on the age thing.


Hey this is LINDSEY (aka “Jackie”) Szvetits. Thanks for the write-up, you were pretty right-on and I appreciate the props Now that you know my real name, Lindsey, I do want to clarify one more thing. You were right about my age, I’ll be 24 in one week Lookin’ forward to a great season as the Denver Dream QB!

Lindsey, we’d like to make amends on this one.

We’ll provide extensive team coverage, promotion, ad placement, etc. in return for not telling your husband (Seen below. Christ, he has tats on his neck. We’re screwed.) how big of dicks we were.

It was totally out of character and won’t happen again.

Have a great season. Set all sorts of yardage records.

And don’t forget to send along the team shower photos.

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