Billy Gillespie Will Not Outrun Idiot Reporters On Firing Day

Date Posted: Mar. 227, 2009

Premise Of Video: (from the vlogger) “WHAS Louisville political reporter Mark Hebert and Lexington douchebag Alan Cutler chase ex-UK coach Billy Gillespie immediately after he is fired. Hilarity ensues. ”

Climax Of Video: Gillespie challenges Culter to a foot race as Billy tries to get away from the hound dog reporters. Cutler’s response: “I can run all day with you.

Yeah, right, fat ass. Good luck with that one.

Conclusion: If you are a TV reporter, please don’t act like this asshole. He’s not reporting on a story. He’s trying to become the story. We suppose when they threw it back to the studio the idiot desk ‘hosts’ were giggling about this one.

The guy got fired. You idiots got what you wanted. Congrats.