The Hottest Girls Of The Pac 10 Companion Piece II With More Of Washington State’s Kayla



Kayla (left) and friend doing body shots in some random bar.

Sometimes we feel bad for Washington State University.

It’s the bastard child in the Pac 10.

People want to forget all about the school in the middle of nowhere that has a horrible sports program.

So Art McGregor went hunting for a female to make WSU feel better about itself.

His short but full report:

It’s important to realize there’s some talent in the Pacific Northwest. We all know about the rest of the Pac 10, but let’s show these girls some love. She just graduated from Washington State, but I’ve got to imagine there’s always a pipeline of talented caboose in The Palouse. (I love “Caboose in The Palouse.”)


We’re actually big fans of the schools in remote locales.

Ohio University for Halloween, anyone?

The students are usually bigger partiers because there isn’t much to do other than hitting some kegger the track team is throwing.

They pound 15-20 red cups, hit the clubs, start fighting and it ends up on YouTube.

BC wins out in the end. We get the hot chicks doing body shots, videos of drunks vomiting on themselves (at football games) and frat house explosions.



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