Daily Dump: Cubs Fan Sporting Short Shirt, Rovell Vs. Burger, Blogger Vs. Burger, Asses Of AVP, 80s Greatest Lunchboxes & Women Who Won’t Talk To BC Intern



When love when the foreign ones like Inma speak Spanish to us.

Here is the problem with Sweet 16 Thursday: getting our drunk asses out of bed.

This Daily Dump thing at 6 a.m. EST comes way too early after 5 hours of basketball and Seth Davis.

It’s great to see Missouri back on the national map – even though we were passed out by the time this one ended.

And poor Duke. Too many white guys on the floor. If you want to bang with the Big East you better bring some bodies. Coach K better get on the recruiting trail for some big men.


Get them in today for the greatest weekend link dump in sports blogging history.


Today’s Dump:

We knew it was coming – Duke gets smashed by ‘Nova [The Dagger]

The greatest Cubs fan of 2009 (short shirt guy) [Home Run Derby]

Money Man Vs. Food: Darren Rovell tackles 5/3rd Burger [Big League Stew]

Blogger announces (little early) that he’ll take burger challenge [World of Isaac]

When old people play Wii Sports, it’s photographic greatness [Funtasticus]

Get to know the ladies of the AVP Tour without seeing faces [Coed]

Say hello to Shawn Johnson’s stalker [Rumors and Rants]

2 more years of Friday Night Lights for guys who don’t date [Cuzoogle]

CBS tries to give away free colonoscopy to captive male audience [Soxs&Dawgs]

10 All-Time Funniest Freudian Slips In TV History [Manofest]

The Greatest Lunchboxes of The 80s [Uncoached]

Your new international Star Trek posters have been released [ScreenJunkies]

2009 Douchebag Tournament gets into Politics Division [Holy Taco]

While we’re on the subject of douchebaggery… [Blog of Hilarity]

Naughty names on the decline in UK (no more Cockshott lineage) [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

A single Holly Madison is so much better than when tied to Hef [on205th]

Mariah Carey one year closer to that 40 mark, celebrates b-day [MoonDog]

An ass that Ryan Gosling wants to tap [CelebSlam]

Casey usually walks around with two black eyes thanks to the twins [Gunaxin]

When a hot chick eats a bacon burger we take notice [NextRound]

12 of the hottest Got Milk women [MickLanders]

This is way too much Kathy Griffin to be looking at [The Daily Fix]

Yet another hot chick our intern won’t be getting this weekend [Flisted]

And this one will turn down his advances [GorillaMask]

…and her, also [DoubleViking]

She’s proud of that chest [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

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