Lunchtime Lust: Kandyce Proia Covered In Chocolate

Kandyce Proia – See more hot women

From The Kandyce Proia File:

Birth Class: ’84

From: Pittsburgh

Famous Quote: “A fashionable woman is always in love with herself.””

Hobbies: shop,Pilates and Yoga

Job: car model

It must be said that Kandyce looks damn good with chocolate spread over her like in those old Cinemax movies where all sorts of food items came into play.

Photo evidence, (after a second look not sure it’s even her…whatever).

Also on our minds is the theory that hot women laying on a car somehow makes a dude want to purchase that ride.

What, is the woman going to magically come out of the trunk and call shotgun?

Our old Honda came with a couple free air fresheners. And it gets good mileage.


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