Daily Dump: Naked New England Lingerie Footballer, Ricky Carlisle Being Douchey, 2009 Douchebag Tournament, Chris Bosh A Deadbeat, Women Of SXSW, Katie Price Moneymakers And Too Much Macy Sky



One of our favs – Alessandra – has new photos in Loft mag.

A little advice to ESPN…

More video of Blake Griffin dunking on spin move during first round of NCAA Tournament, please.

One more time before all of humanity forgets that moment.

And how about more pissed off Bob Knight videos every time the guy comes on to give his analysis. Imaging being the guy responsible for such editing.

Edit 20-30 clips, rotate, run.

Rotate, run.

We get it. Bob was an angry guy.


You guys are starting to slip. We’re looking for new link dump members. Send ’em our way.


Today’s Dump:

NE Lingerie Football Leaguer has topless photos in portfolio [Chavez]

Jay Mohr takes in Knicks game with droopy lipped wife [The Daily Fix]

Rick Carlisle and his douchey jacket [Ball Don’t Lie]

Still time to vote in the 2009 Douchebag Tournament [HolyTaco]

Chris Bosh subscribes to Travis Henry rules for raising kids [Cuzoogle]

When a boxer hits himself in face during match [Banned in Hollywood]

Other crap in alt-sports world- futboler wears pink dress [TotalProSports]

When a teen gymnast and gay dancer team up it’s creepy [Rumors And Rants]

Looks like a bird sh!t on the Detroit Lions logo [NFL Juice]

Awesome use of old cassette tapes – art [Observation Bubble]

Awesome use of plastic – hands free drinking [Tailgating Ideas]

Asking this guy about his magic powers will make him nuts [Blog of Hilarity]

There is a giant penis on that roof [Next Round]

More penis news – this time inflatable [Tasty Booze]

Top 10 Recyclable TV Characters [ScreenJunkies]

Today’s Tail:

Celebrities with/without makeup will make you think twice [Uncoached]

The Hotties Of SXSW (think no deodorant) [Coed]

Katie Price has two moneymakers – on her chest [on205th]

No shit, her last name is Dicker [CelebSlam]

Photoshop artist busy working on these Britney Spears pics [CamelTap]

Same goes for whomever worked on Kardashian pics [Flisted]

Proof of the Kardashian photoshopping [Dlisted]

Cleavage that rules all others [DoubleViking]

End of ski season bikini bust out [DJ Mick]

Macy Sky went a little big but who are we to argue [MoonDog]

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