Shooter McGavin Still Gets Women Thanks To Happy Gilmore Fame



Rarely do we dabble in the entertainment field, especially when it involves men, but this one deserves special mention because it involves one of the greatest sports movies ever made.

Remember Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald) of “I eat pieces of sh!t like you for breakfast,” fame from Happy Gilmore?

Well, Shooter is doing very well, and after a short Busted Coverage investigation (we can confirm), pulls even more tail than Mr. Belding who also cruises the celebrity golf circuit.


It’s been 13 years since Happy Gilmore made its cinematic debut, but that hasn’t stopped the Shooter (just turned 54) phenomenon.

We’ve discovered dozens of photos where Shooter is using his old magic on women who were in elementary school when he was hitting irons against Adam Sandler.

That, folks, is called longevity.

In case you’d like to see more of Shooter’s work, may we suggest American Pie Beta House where he plays Mr. Stifler.

Or if you’d like to go back a little further into the Shooter library, 2006’s classic American Pie The Naked Mile might be more to your liking where he also plays Mr. Stifler.

You get the idea. Shooter’s life is better than yours.



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