Ladies Of March Madness: Purdue Bikini Model Arika Has An Ass Tat



We continuing our famous Ladies of March Madness series with a visit to Purdue and give our intern a hot Boilermaker to lust after.

Now, before things get out of hand BC has to add a disclaimer.

Arika IS NOT a cheerleader ana doesn’t have any affiliation with the sports program, other than the likely red cup football party here and there.


BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor continues his award-winning investigations by discovering this Purdue bikini model.

Yeah, that sounds odd to us as well.

But Arika, a junior, fills in nicely for Purdue’s hot chick representative as the team awaits its Sweet 16 showdown with UConn.

Plus, she has an ass tat. That fact alone gets her onto BC and makes her famous.

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