Daily Dump: Florida State Cheerleaders Behind The Pom Poms, New England Lingerie League Footballers, Leryn Franco Catalog, How To F@ck Up March Madness Party, Carmen Electra Aging Perfectly And Cindy Crawford Covered In Cream



Elisha in Maxim =’s instant morning wood.

Now, don’t start bitching if you aren’t in this morning’s dump. We were up late catching women’s NCAA action out of Albuquerque.

Kansas State-Vandy at midnight must have brought in some serious dollars for ESPN.

Then we wake for news that the race for the #2 seed in the NBA East is getting wild. Whoo! Face it, basketball fans, professional basketball sucks white guy penis and will never matter as long as 65 teams get together every March.

Give us spring baseball, a sunny day, $8 drafts and BC is all set.



(Yes, we are back from vacation. Bloggers do make enough money to jet around the U.S. for some R&R.)

Today’s Dump:

Go behind the scenes with the Florida State cheerleaders [Uncoached]

Meet New England’s representatives for the Lingerie Football League [Chavez]

Minor league hockey coach goes bat shit crazy on ref [Total Pro Sports]

Now bookmark this link if you need Leryn Franco photo [Banned in Hollywood]

Jimmy Rollins, wife, Playboy without nakedity – will you care? [The Big Picture]

How to F@ck Up March Madness – Bring A Chick To Sports-Gasm [Rumors and Rants]

Alyssa Milano dropping secrets in new book that we’ll have to read [MoonDog]

Now that is how you celebrate a futbol goal, old school break dancing [Off The Post]

NFL expanding its schedule means all records put on notice [Bootlegger]

Celebrities riding invisible bicycles because you demand it [Holy Taco]

Toronto looking for people to act homeless, Detroit was busy [Cuzoogle]

The Greatest College Holidays (our favorite not listed: Monday night happy hour) [Boosh]

Bored at work? Watch the 70 greatest hip hop videos on company’s dime [YepYep]

Today’s Tail:

That’s right, boys, a reason to transfer to Texas A&M [Coed]

Carmen Electra aging perfectly, gracefully, sexier than ever [on205th]

Dreams come true – Cindy Crawford covered in cream [CelebSlam]

Speaking of women and cream – 20 more [Phil Knows Best]

This is what 5-3, 93-lbs. and exotic looks like [Flisted]

Spring Break sand trick your girlfriend won’t find funny [NextRound]

American Idol Bikini Girl’s rack continues to expand [MickLanders]

Celebrity nerds. Sexy. All-time hottest. [Manofest]

Over 200 photos of Kaley Cuoco for no good reason [Gunaxin]

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