Cuff 'Em: Sheila Granger Was Doing Members Of Husband's Football Team, Police Allege



We’re interrupting our usual Cuff ‘Em post to give Sheila Granger the headlines.

This 33-year-old southern Indiana beautician is accused of having her way with not just one, but two, members of her husband’s youth football team.

That’s right, she wasn’t happy enough molesting a single boy. Things got ramped up to even intercourse, authorities allege. And it started when they were 11. And now she is pregnant.

Oh, Sheila, you Cougar.


Andy Alcock (seen above with goofy ass hair) is all over this story for some ABC affiliate.

According to the sworn statement from police, most of the sexual activity took place at Granger’s home, but it also happened at one of the victim’s houses and at Granger’s beauty shop in a back room, according to the report.

Hmm, back room at the beauty shop. This is jogging our memory about some Cinemax 3 a.m. classic from ’91.

How dirty can this story get? Dirtier, courtesy of the News and Tribune.

The boys were able to give specific details about private areas of Granger’s body, and one described a sex toy she allegedly keeps in her room.

Or how about even worse if you are Granger and have a husband at home.

The boy said she had oral sex with him at least 10 times and that they had intercourse on three occasions. He said she would have him touch her about 15 times a month. He said he stopped because he “couldn’t do it anymore.”

What we have here seems to be a wife who’s husband is breaking down too much film.

She wants it and he’s too busy watching Merrill Hoge and Jaws film sessions.

Sheila, also, likely has a serious problem. Or two.

Family members of the victim wants even more of the case details to be released but the judge has slapped a gag order on all involved. Imagine that.

Details as they become available. Via Alcock, of course, who’ll be jonesing for more juicy tidbits.

[The News and Tribune]



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