Jessica Simpson Fat Stage Seems Over, Romo’s Lady Losing Pounds At Amazing Pace


Then: Florida. Jan. 26, 2009

The two-month anniversary of Jessica Simpson revealing herself as an overweight NFL WAG is this Wednesday.

We’d like to offer up a cake, soy based of course, in honor of Jess shedding the pounds she showed off in Florida on January 26, which whipped the entertainment/sports blogosphere world into a frenzy, leading to fat or not debates.

But something has happened over the last 60 days. Ms. Simpson has gone from a possibility after a 6-pack and two games of beer pong back to a 40 oz. just to get loosened up and no debate about it.


Now: March 21, 2009

We usually don’t go around wondering if Jessica Simpson has lost weight, gained weight, is eating ice cream like drinking water, etc.

But then the story of her taking up golf to spend more time with Tony popped up and got us wondering.

Would she look more like Laura Davies or a hotter Paula Creamer on the links?

Some more examples to form an opinion after photos popped up this morning from Simpson’s weekend where she revealed a new fragrance and slimmer figure.

Romo’s chubby chaser days look to be behind him. Congrats, sir.






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