The Louisville Cardinals Mascot Has Something To Show The Ladies


Leave it to BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich to be on the prowl for shower photos of college mascots.

For some reason we are on a Louisville Cardinals kick and Rich landed a single behind the scenes photo of Kyle Kessinger, the guy who will be bouncing around University of Dayton Arena this weekend.


In 2008 Kessinger got his start in college cheerleading as a male dancer with the Louisville Ladybirds.

“It’s kind of intimidating because being the only male you know that everybody’s got their eye on you,” he said. “I knew there was a lot of pressure on me.  But at the same time I knew that if anything went wrong to just free-style and no one would ever know.”

It’s unclear how Kessinger went from male dancer to mascot but it seems like the logical transition.

So if you are female or gay, and watch the NCAA Tournament, enjoy knowing what’s under that Cardinals mascot costume.

Big Gay Rich now has a reason to watch.

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