The Afternoon Dump: Tebow’s Speech Won’t Be Forgotten, Women and Olympians, Gus Johnson’s Voice, 6 Year Old Smarter Than Einstein, Nicholas Cage’s Leading Ladies, 65 Hot Cosplay Girls


Nothing wrong with celebrating Emilia‘s Birthday.

Tennessee and Utah State let me down.

Hopefully I won’t lose another game today.  I am at my parents house and the only TV that I use while having internet connection doesn’t have sound. I sit here and watch the TV with no sound. It’s not as bad as you think.

Round 2 starts tomorrow, wonder who is going to make it to the sweet 16.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Tim Tebow’s speech will never bet forgotten [No Guts, No Glory]

Vinny Milano is making his debut in a new way [Yankees Universe]

What do women and Olympians have in common? [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Tracking of the Madness [The Sporting Blog]

Welcome Gus Johnson to March Madness [Sports Crackle Pop]

The music alone is awesome in this clip [Modern Toss]

You need to understand society [Sparty and Friends]

A 6 year old is smarter than Einstein [Asylum]

The 5 toughest Presidents [Coed]

Round 1, day 2, of the douchebag tourney [Holy Taco]

Nicholas Cage’s top 10 leading ladies [YepYep]

65 photoes of smoking hot Cosplay girls [Manofest]

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