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March Madness Blogger Contest

marchmadness I am taking part of the March Madness Blogger Contest over on InGameNow. It is pretty simple on how it works. You pick 5 players from any team that is participating in the tourney then the scores come from those players throughout the entire tourney. The score is calculated by Points + Assist + Rebounds.

Find out my picks after the jump.

There are 25 different blog competing in this contest. After each weekend there will be a prize given out to the person who has the highest score. Since most people would pick the same, like Tyler Hansbrough, it would be better to pick some players that other people wouldn’t pick. So here are my picks:

1) Sherron Collins -Kansas

2) Jonny Flynn – Syracuse

3) Tyler Hansbrough -  UNC

4) Sam Young – Pitt

5) Tyreke Evans – Memphis

It wasn’t easy picking these players since there were 64 teams to choose from. Let’s see how good I did.

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