Daily Dump: 10 Things In 1 Day, Who Wants It More, Dont Score Against Own Team, College Baseball Exist, Women of Battlestar Galactica, Women On The Beach, Bikini Bowling


The reason why guys like mirrors.

There was some close upsets last night. Cough, Nova, Cough. Let’s see what day 2 has to offer everybody. If you need a place to see what is happening in the games then check out Bootlegger Sports. They are typing everything that happens, kind of like a live blog sort of thing. This March Madness Live Blog isn’t boring like the other ones out there, so go check them out.

Boiler Up! Huskies, your next. (I now have to root against a team that I use to want to go too.)

Today’s Dump

10 things we learned from day 1 of the tourney [Vent About Sports]

Blake Griffin likes being on the ground [InGameNow]

UConn’s head coach wasn’t needed for their blowout [MouthPiece]

It all boils down to who wants it more [Deadspin]

A Marlins game has less fans than a beer pong game at your friends apartment [Rumors and Rants]

Word of advice: Don’t score against your own team TWICE [Total Pro Sports]

A Robert Morris- Michigan State preview [CollegeHoops]

Will Maryland be the sleeper team? [Mr. Irrelevant]

No one seems to care about College Baseball [The College Baseball Blog]

Only someone this drunk wouldn’t be able to drive through a wall [Tasty Booze]

The women of Battlestar Galactica [Gunaxin]

A contribution to women  on the beach [Holy Taco]

Nothing wrong with a 26 year old Italian woman [Coed]

A bunch of babes bowling in bikinis [Banned in Hollywood]

Melissa Haro likes the color white [Celebslam]

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