Ladies Of March Madness: Louisville Ladybird’s Courtney Cheering For #1 Seed



We continue with our Ladies of March Madness coverage with a peek into the camp of #1 Louisville – the dance team to be exact.

BC Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor (who dabbles at Blog On The Run) was back at it yesterday, discovering women who’ll be shaking it for Gus Johnson, Jim Nantz and all of CBS.

Meet Louisville freshman Courtney who is a member of the Cardinals dance team, known as the Ladybirds.


Ms. Courtney (left) doesn’t have much of a profile but Art does report that  she lives by the quote “Just dance, it’s going to be OK,” from the remarkable Lady Gaga.

Something tells us she’s going to be dancing aplenty for the Cardinals as they get Morehead State tomorrow in Dayton.

For a freshman this chick really knows how to make a first impression for Ladies of March Madness. It’s possible she could be a four-year letter winner.

Actually, Courtney might just become the honorary “Busted Coverage Cheerleader/Dancer Of 2009.”

Ladies of March Madness:

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