The Afternoon Dump: 10 Things To Say To Your Boss, Recasting Star Wars, Reggie Bush Likes Pushups, Soccer Ref Runs Away, 50 Great WTF Pictures, National D-Bag Tourney


This girl makes me want to go back to school.

Sorry for the shortness of the dump today. Just seems like I have a lot to do today in a short period of time.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

10 things to say to your boss if you get caught watching [The World of Isaac]

A tournament challenge of the Cheerleaders [Fan IQ]

Recasting Star Wars with NBA Players [Thoughts From The Jockstrap]

Reggie Bush can do a pushup with a girl on his back [Sports Crackle Pop]

One of the greatest goalies of all time [Total Pro Sports]

Soccer ref runs for his life [Coed]

50 of the greatest “WTF” pictures [Manofest]

Imagine if this was your mom [Tasty Booze]

2009 National Douchebag Tourney [Holy Taco]

Nothing wrong with a Argentinian women [uncoached]

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