The Afternoon Dump: 10 Things To Say To Your Boss, Recasting Star Wars, Reggie Bush Likes Pushups, Soccer Ref Runs Away, 50 Great WTF Pictures, National D-Bag Tourney

10 Things Say To Boss, Recasting Star Wars, Reggie Bush Likes Pushups

This girl makes me want to go back to school.

Sorry for the shortness of the dump today. Just seems like I have a lot to do today in a short period of time.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

10 things to say to your boss if you get caught watching [The World of Isaac]

A tournament challenge of the Cheerleaders [Fan IQ]

Recasting Star Wars with NBA Players [Thoughts From The Jockstrap]

Reggie Bush can do a pushup with a girl on his back [Sports Crackle Pop]

One of the greatest goalies of all time [Total Pro Sports]

Soccer ref runs for his life [Coed]

50 of the greatest “WTF” pictures [Manofest]

Imagine if this was your mom [Tasty Booze]

2009 National Douchebag Tourney [Holy Taco]

Nothing wrong with a Argentinian women [uncoached]

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