Something Good Emerges From Alex Rodriguez' Horrible Photo Shoot



Alex Rodriguez’ Details photo shoot that was exposed (pun intended) yesterday garnered a ton of national attention. It featured the Yankees’ slugger basically making out with himself in the mirror and hanging around some sort of SoHo loft in homoerotic poses.

While technically “popular,” there was nothing cool about it; although I certainly don’t begrude the mag for trying to generate publicity. Fortunately for us, there actually is a good reason to go purchase this issue. You see, the lady above you (photo credit: Matthias Vriens for DETAILS) is Emmy Rossum. 

Honestly, that name means nothing to me at the forefront of my “brain.” But that picture speaks volumes. So I hit her name up on the Googlez. Turns out she’s a decently famous as a singer/songwriter, appearing in one episode of Law & Order. Okay, she’s also appeared in The Day After Tomorrow. But no one in their right mind would brag about that crap-pile.

What someone could brag about though, is looking like Ms. Rossum. If you’re interested for more pictures, you can get the … Details … here. Or just go pretend that you’re being a serious sports journalist and purchase the magazine in an effort to “hunt down the truth about A-Rod” so your ladyfriend doesn’t get pissed at you for buying spending $6 on softcore porn.

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