Phillies Are Trying to Start a ‘No Booing the Team’ Pledge-Thingy

The beauty of Philadelphia fans is that they don’t really give an ish about people stereotyping them for booing. That’s because — as secretly inaccurate as the stereotype is — it gives them the right to boo anything. Anytime. Anyplace. 

Santa Claus? Kobe? Mitch Williams? Ryan Howard? Your mom? Sure, whatever. They have the right, because they have, in the minds of America, earned it. But now, two radio hosts in Philly at WIP 610-AM are trying to start a “pledge” that no Philly fans boo the team until after Halloween. For serious.

Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano are asking fans to give the World Series-winning team 365 days before they pelt them with sounds of discontent. 

“We’re not saying you can’t criticize the players or the manager,” Macnow said this morning. “We’re not saying you need to show fealty. But, given that this group won a World Series for the first time in 28 years, we suggested a 365-day moratorium on booing the home team.”

[…]”I’m not telling anybody to do the golf clap,” Macnow said. “But I didn’t think he deserved to be booed last year. He had been an MVP for this team.”

Um, I’d just like to say: “Screw that.” This is a baseball team. These people make millions+millions+millions of dollars.  They know what city they play the sport in, and they took money to play there, most of them by choice. 

And sure, yes, they did in fact just win a World Series. But does one measly title make up for suffering years and years worth of bitterness-endowing losses. Of course not. So I say to you, Philly fans, Boo away. Boo strong. Boo hard. And boo with heart. We need to see your anger in order to feel better about ourselves.

Via MeechOne’s Twitter

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