The Afternoon Dump: Twittering Athletes, Carlos Zambrano Loves The White Sox, 6 March Madness Apps, NBA Player Arrested, Candyland The Movie, 7 Dirty NCAA Teams, Women Challenges Manhood


What color is her outfit?

Two days away until everyone sits on there computer at work watching the tourney. I am happy I am a part of today where technology lets us stream videos. Last year I sat in class with my laptop and watched the games, I even had some random people sit next to me so they could watch it. I am not the only one to do so.

St. Patty’s day today, you know what to do.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

A list of twittering athletes [Bettor Fan]

Denver’s head coach has words of wisdom about Cutler [Laddy McFaddy]

Everyone loves King Felix, well the Mariner fans do [Josh Q. Public]

Carlos Zambrano is a fan of the White Sox [MouthPiece]

A Podcast about nothing but NCAA [Back Porch]

Two possible solutions on helping the NCAA tourney [Jumping Offsides]

Julian Tavarez doesn’t know how to pick his team [Big League Stew]

6 March Madness apps for your iPhone [Mashable]

Jay Cutler and head coach talk about Cassel [Splog]

NBA player assaults a cell phone employee [Sports Crackle Pop]

Yao hits a 3 pointer [Phil Knows Best]

Candyland the game is turning into a movie [Tasty Booze]

Seven of the dirtiest teams in NCAA Mens Basketball history [Esquire]

Women lifting this much weight makes you wonder about your manhood [uncoached]

I don’t like Pittsburgh but this girl is alright [Next Round]

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