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Phil Mickelson's 'Fans' 'Cheer' for Him [Video]

Phil Mickelson is one of the more popular players on the PGA Tour. Normally, people scream things like “YEEEEEAAAAAH, PHIIIIIIIL!” and “GET IN THE F*CKING HOOOOOOOOOOLE!” when he hits the ball. Not so much on Sunday: someone got caught on camera screaming “Get in the water!!!” It’s quite amusing. And Jay Busbee of Devil Ball Golf was kind enough to shoot me the YouTube (h8 u Yahoo! video.)

Of course, I don’t agree with the notion that someone should be escorted off the premises; this is, after all, freaking America we’re talking about. And you’re not required to cheer for someone to win. Even if they have a sweet set of moobs.

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