Ladies Of March Madness: Ashley From Stephen F. Austin Pom Squad Gives Out Kiss



This is the second part of our Ladies of March Madness series.

The goal of Busted Coverage this time of year is to introduce our readers to ladies will represent their schools during this NCAA Tournament.

Today, Art McGregor sends word about Ashley (above, left) from the Stephen F. Austin pom squad.

This is the schools first visit to the Big Dance and they’ll get a shot at making history with a first-round game against 6-OT Syracuse.

But for BC readers we’ll be more interested to see Ashley come across our screens Friday morning until, of course, the end of the game when the gambling line comes into focus.


Art didn’t want to see like a dirty guy in his late-20s so he didn’t dig too deep into the Ashley file.

We know she’s 20 and cheers for the Lumberjacks.

That is enough to make her one of our Ladies Of March Madness.

Now if only we could find news that she dates a kicker, BC would be in business.

Ladies of March Madness Series:

Lynz – North Carolina


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