Jenna Jameson 'Squeezes' Out Tito Ortiz' Twins


Jenna Jameson marrying dating Tito Ortiz may have been the best thing to happen to sports bloggers — it gave us a good reason to discuss the porn star while not looking totally shallow. 

And Ms. Jameson doubled up on the exciting news today, as she and Mr. Ortiz (yes, I’m feeling very WSJ-y today, thank you) let loose the exciting news that they are the proud new parents of a pair of twins! 

“She’s been taking it easy and even had to be in a wheelchair during one of Tito’s events in Las Vegas,” a source told Us when Jameson was just shy of eight months pregnant. “She’s very excited to be a mom.”

Us also “reports” that the two babies are in “good health.” Which is fantastic. Seriously it is. Although, I’m not sure how fantastic it is that the two kids will have to go through life with a mother who is one of the most easily accessible nude shots of all time.

I’m not making light of the situation, either, folks — it’s just that, well, young children are mean. And I know I’ve heard my fair share of “your mom’s a ______” jokes/barbs/etc in pre- and middle school. So what happens when your mother is arguably the most famous porn star of all time? Are those jokes nullified/kept quiet by the fact that your father is a deadly-with-his-fists martial arts fighter?

Or do you just point, laugh and throw your family’s money in the other kid’s face? These are the questions that sports blogs ask. They are the meaning of life, obviously, and should not be taken lightly. Hence, we seek to undertake them. Oh, and hopefully there’ll be a Jenna Jameson photo gallery to follow soon.

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