Gamble On: A Brief Degenerate Rundown of the NCAA First Round

So, RJ Bell of (yes, I’m a name dropper) hit up my inbox this morning with some NCAA-related gambling talk. And since it is in fact Tuesday before March Madness, it seems rather apropos to feed you a little lunchtime gambling information that will assist you in filling out your brackets. No, you can’t use it until Thursday. Yes, you should just bet on the NBA while you wait. Or just get drunk. And stare at attractive women. It’s St. Patrick’s Day after all. 

Degenerate point of Interest #1: North Carolina — the despised Tar Heels — would be favored against anyone right now. Yes, anyone. The important thing to note from that piece of information is that while Louisville is the technical number one overall seed, Carolina is the true public favorite (Pitt checks in as the second most favored team). This is a result of a) Carolina being good and b) everyone being a stupidfaced Carolina bandwagon fan. Ty Lawson is hurt, but it’s still easy to sucker money out of the public.

Degenerate point of Interest #2: Three lower seeds are favored. Which ones? Excellent question. They are: Arizona (12), USC (10) and Tennessee (9). UTK’s not a shocker — that’s a coin-flip anyway. And USC and Arizona are a little surprising, although most people have already penciled them in for upsets; I would, however, point out that they are against Utah and Boston College, respectively. Could say a lot about the PAC-10 (hint: over-rated) after the first weekend.

Degenerate point of Interest #3: Dayton is the worst at-large team in the tournament. A lot of folks would consider the Flyers prime for upset material. But Vegas says they would be dogs against “San Diego State, Penn State, St. Mary’s, Virginia Tech, Creighton, Florida, and Notre Dame ” (ND!!) in a matchup. That should be red-flag city for promising bracketologists. 

Degenerate point of Interest #4: There’s heavy action on VCU and Western Kentucky. RJ says that the lines for those games, against UCLA and Illinois have moved 3 and 2 points, respectively. That’s a lot. It says that the smart money in Vegas recognized a weak matchup and jumped all over a pair of point spreads that were too big, bringing down the line. Adjust your brackets accordingly. 

Now that you’re partially saturated with gambling knowledge, please go get drunk at lunch. And then come back here to stare at boobies6 while you plan a trip to your favorite NCAA Tournament hotspot.

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