ESPN Mixes Violent Video Games With Donte Stallworth Coverage


The World Wide Leader has made puh-lenty of mistakes with its video coverage, aside from simply letting Skip Bayless on camera. (Zing, etc.) But it appears that they at least got the advertising part right, assuming they have some back-end system providing ads that are relevant to the content being displayed. Because, really, that’s the only fathomable way that I can think of for why, right before the clip of Donte Stallworth after he killed a man with his car, they’re showing a commercial for a really violent video game.

Man, just when you think that the WWL can’t do anything more stupid, they actually find a way to top Rick Reilly’s Mt. Rushmore crap. Oh yes, and lest we waste two posts this morning informing you of actual news and not bitching about mainstream media: Donte Stallworth = likely to get charged. But don’t worry, Donte, Leonard Little knows a great lawyer! (/Shakes head angrily)

Nice find by Sports Rubbish via FanIQ

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