Daily Dump: Florida Is Sad, Tennessee Is Top 10, Devendorf’s Controversy, Unsexy Balance, Hotties in NCAA, Fluffhead, Rapping Flight Attendant, Women Wearing Long Socks


Hot ladies and Booze, couldn’t get any better.

Made my selection on InGameNow. They had a little bit of a twist to there pool. Instead of picking the right teams to win you that you would pick 5 players from any team and the score would be based off of points, assist and rebounds. I did a good choice on my selection.

Still love “Friday Night Lights.”


Today’s Dump

This is sad for all Florida Gator fans [Bootlegger Sports]

Make sure you don’t forget about the NIT [Vent About Sports]

Tennessee is now has a top 10 recruiting class [Moondog Sports]

Should Devendorf be allowed to play? [Rumors and Rants]

If you haven’t heard: Jay wants out of Denver [Total Pro Sports]

In praise of unsexy balance [Hardball Times]

Some crazy woman calls Beckham hot while his son is in the car [Off The Post]

Hotties of the NCAA Women’s Tourney [Sox & Dawgs]

6 dollars can get you a long way [The Big Picture]

Is this the worst year to graduate? [Coed]

The new age of signs: “Fluffhead” [Brahsome]

Flight attendants rapping, its a new era [Tasty Booze]

Alicia Silverstone falls head first [Banned In Hollywood]

Sexy Chick vs. Gambling [Holy Taco]

Women and their long socks now-a-days [Kontraband]

Some women just like to celebrate St. Patty’s Day [uncoached]

Have to love women with nice stomachs [on 205th]

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