The Great Villanueva Twitter War of 2009

charlie-villanueva-on-twitterCharlie Villanueva, in case you didn’t notice, is on Twitter. He has close to 1,000 followers, which is a few more than yours truly does (although you can always add me!!1 LOLZ.) And last night, he got straight-up crazy with the proverbial Cheese-Whiz, busting out a tweet at halftime of a freaking NBA game. 4 Sreus, think about how impossible and ridiculous that sounds, even in today’s world filled with high-tech Google tubez.

Well, I did just that (the thinking part) and then proceeded to write about it over at FanHouse, thinking that people would laugh and chuckle and whatnot. Little did I think that CV31 would actually respond! But he did, and he called me out on Twitter, several times.

I jus read an article on NBA Fanhouse (AOL Sports), some’in bout questioning my twitting, whether its really me, LOL. Yes, I’m dat gangsta.

Impressive, no? And now it’s a world-wide sensation; Hot Clicks picked it up this morning, word on the street is it might be discussed on a certain popular podcast today, and I imagine you’ll hear about it elsewhere on the old sphere of blogs.

The point, though, isn’t to pimp a fake, social media-inspired “war” between a lowly blogger and an NBA player; the point is to show just how freaking fast Twitter has taken over. It’s always been huge in the techie realm, obvs, but at this point, when athletes are interacting with writers … well, suddenly it’s like access has started to erode from something that only big, important “real journalists” have. And when that gets taken away, old media types, you better watch out: because the revolution will be over, and the bums bloggerz will have won! /Lebowski’d