Someone Has Started an O.J. Simpson Legal Defense Fund


O.J. Simpson is, quite obviously, in a lot of trouble. That’s what happens when you brutally murder two people. Oh right. No it’s not. Trouble is what happens when you rob people of baseball cards in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Regardless though, Juice is probably ├é┬áheading to prison despite his lawyer’s best efforts. But O.J.’s only friend one of Simpson’s friends wants those lawyer skillz to be better. And he wants truth. And justice. And a whole bunch of other crap.

Which is why Barrett Prody, apparently the brother of Juice’s ex-girlfriend and the least likely person to ever want Simpson to walk free again provided that he actually cares to see his sister living, has fired up S.A.L.I. (Society Against Legal Injustice, Inc.) to keep Simpson out of prison.

Simpson’s daughter approves, too, stating that she will support the fund and calling the cause “legit.” Presumably, the funds will go towards paying for Simpson’s legal bills. It would be way, way cooler though, if the fund was named something like “Stop Thwarting Against Ballers” or “Keep Injustice Levied Long.” Sure, they don’t actually make sense, but on an apropos level, well, they just hit a little more home I think.

The best part though is that the website, (OBVS!), doesn’t actually mention “O.J. Simpson” anywhere on the site. It simply gives you a link to the causes they are supporting and then a link to some court documents. Oh, also, there’s a huge “DONATE HERE” button. After you click that, besides being told that SALI owns a P.O. Box in Fargo, North Dakota, you’re informed that you can donate $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $500, $1,000 and $5,000. Nothing higher or in between. Which is really a shame, because I was fully prepared to use my Platinum, Bloggerz-only MasterCard to donate $300, regardless of the security of the deposit or connection.