The Afternoon Dump: NCAA Expands Tourney, NFL Mock Draft, Top 10 Look Alikes, New Sport, Alternative to Pi Day, A Person With Two Penises, A Smokeless Cigarette, A Girl Wearing Nothing


April has a rockin’ body.

I stayed up last night to watch the 6OT game, it was worth it. Once I realized that Syracuse never led the OT that when they did lead they would win. What happened? 6 OT they scored first, they won. Good job Syracuse, and also to the losing team. They played a total of 70 minutes, that is almost 2 whole games. Syracuse’s guard played for about 68 minutes of that and still only had three fouls.

Spring Break starts today. 10 days of no school. Perfect for March Madness!

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Afternoon Dump

NCAA expands tourney (Not for real) [Sports Crackle Pop]

Barkley is better at drinking and driving than you thought [The Sports Blog]

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Who is the best quarterback in Cowboy history? [Silver and Blueblood]

Top 10 athlete look alikes [Bettor Fan]

A new rage in the sports world [The Slanch Report]

The alternate day to “Pi Day” is much better [Tasty Booze]

This kid was born with two penises [Holy Taco]

This is how to take photos of food in a not-so-good way [Coed]

Tom and Gisele go off on a honeymoon [Epic Carnival]

You can now smoke without the smoke [Smoking Everywhere]

This technically does not show anything, but it is pretty close [Phil Knows Best]

Italian model Manuela makes her white bikini look even better [uncoached]

A few pictures of a asian woman in some revealing clothing [on 205th]

Tweedy is sure looking good while she sings [The Grumpiest]

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