Bill Belichick Sings With Bon Jovi For Charity And Charlie's Daughter


Josh Q. Public wants you to know that he discovered this video. We appreciate his quick email alert on this one.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the good shit. Bill Belichick singing. Well, sorta mumbling like a press conference.

A report from someone on the scene:

bon jovi offered do donate 50k (to Weis’s daughter’s charity) on the spot if Belichik would sing. Belichik countered with 60K NOT to sing. Bon Jovi won in the end. Great sports and very generous all of them :)

What friggin’ recession?

Now we have Jovi and Belicheat getting in bidding wars? Screw it, we’re getting our broker on the line and buying 20k worth of Citi and pulling out our investment in YouPorn.

Now that Madoff is going to prison all seems to be right in the world.

And Bill is singing. Good times.

[Josh Q. Public]

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