The Emmitt Smith & Tony Dorsett Of Lingerie Football League’s Dallas Desire


All great GMs know that you cannot build a championship football team without a strong backfield.

One tailback isn’t going to get the job done. You need a tandem. That wasn’t lost on the brains behind the Lingerie Football League’s Dallas Desire.

The new organization went out and signed what it hopes will be Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith clones, but with boobs and great hair.


For an expansion team (they were founded in ’04, but this is the LFL we’re talking about) this was huge news. Getting two great backs could be all that’s needed to end up in Lingerie Bowl ’10.

Erin Garrett (top, left) is 5-6, 112. Corrie Elizabeth (top, right) is 5-5, 123.

As you can see, these women are built to not break down during the grueling LFL season.

Corrie, or “Little Emmitt” as we call her here at BC HQ, has powerful legs and a strong upperbody. It’s going to take at least two linebackers to drag her down. And she’s from Oklahoma. Nails.

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Erin Marie is more of a slasher. While Dorsett would run you over, he could put some moves on you. That is what we expect out of Erin.

A good change of pace back.

According to our advance scouts, this chick has the ability to possibly account for half of a 1,000-yard tandem. These two could be that good, says a LFL insider.

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