Lunchtime Lust: Aylin Mujica Off The Market
Aylin Mujica – See more hot women

From The Aylin Mujica File:

Birth Class: ’74

From: Born in Cuba, resides in kidnapping capital Mexico City


Job: Being hot and singing

Unknown Skill: Ballet dancing

By the time hot chicks get to the 35-year-old barrier they’ve found husbands. That’s the case with Ms. Mujica. She found herself a television producer.

Listen up, ladies. This is the smart move. Find a guy that will have a reason to put you in a show even as you close in on 40. He will feel guilty if he chooses the hot 23-year-old over his wife.

But in the case of Aylin she still has the smokin’ body that has even posed naked.

Not that we’d show you those photos. SFW rackage here.