What Recession? $316 For Stacy Keibler's Tropical Desires Bikini


We now know someone in this country has money to blow.

That’s our assumption after following the latest high-priced clothing auction from Stacy Keibler’s closet via eBay.

Earlier this morning some sap that we can only assume won’t be losing his house plunked down $316 for Keibler’s black bikini that was worn in WWE Divas DVD “Tropical Desires.”

No, we weren’t bidding on this item.


BC keeps seeing signs of the economic recovery.

Citi Group stock soars 60% percent. Hyundais are everywhere.

The Dow rebounds by 400 points. T.G.I.Friday’s is packed.

And someone is paying $770 for a Keibler corset.

It’s time to go wild again, America. All seems right in the world. It was just a little hiccup. Now, about the foreclosure notice.

Ahh, screw it. Stacy has a pair of high heels available for a starting bid of $250.