The Afternoon Dump: Platform Tennis, Vick’s House Is Up For Sale, A New Fight Club, Zamboni Makes Party Machine, 7 Lame Mythical Creatures, A Funny Shirt That Doesn’t Work

Platform Tennis, Vick House For Sale, New Fight Club, Zamboni Party

Maria likes big things, look at that neclace.

Last night was just another example on why I hate the NBA.

I am excited for Selection Sunday. Let the predictions start.

Big East Tourney is right now, but you probably already knew that.

I didn’t realize that a fan made the top 10 this weekend [ESPN]


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Instead of the Field of Dreams this is the Blog of Dreams [Josh Q. Public]

The new rage of the sports world: Platform Tennis [PhillyBurbs]

Marion Barber likes to go out to the bars [Sports Crackle Pop]

Vick’s house is up for sale [NFL Gridiron Gab]

Mets release Sanchez [MLB]

Mentally disabled create their own Fight Club [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

A Zamboni can be a party machine [The Slanch Report]

Dwayne Wade steals the ball then makes last second shot [Brahsome]

This is why you don’t give your girlfriend your Facebook password [Holy Taco]

I don’t ever want to go to Japan now [Tasty Booze]

7 lamest mythical creatures [Coed]

Britney Spears enjoys her days off [Celebslam]

A shirt that doesn’t fit the situation [Next Round]

The new Adriana Lima [on 205th]

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