Daily Dump: Hottest Women Of Bowling, Chuck Norris Celebrates 69, A-Roid Shopping At Victoria’s Secret, 3D Baseball Cards, 12 Great Dad Moments, Jessica Burciaga Busting Out, Sexy iPhone Apps And Celebrity Cleavage


Mara couldn’t sleep with Last Five Into The Big Dance on her mind.

The greatest college conference basketball tournament gets started today.

4 friggin’ Big East games on the menu. This is what we live for. Early afternoon basketball on a workday. Having not even checked the listings, the guess is that Bill Rafferty has this assignment.

Here is something to ponder. The West Coast Championship was held last night in Las Vegas. It was just a few years ago that Gonzaga held this tourney in its own gym. And the championship was played on like a Saturday afternoon.

Now the WCC gets a prime ESPN spot and they are playing in front of packed crowds (with celebs) in Vegas.

…and they get at-large bids.

Whomever is responsible for this atmospheric rise should be congratulated.



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