The Afternoon Dump: A Theory About A-Rod, Topps New Cards, Grown Men Can Act Childish, Pacman Shirt, 5 Crazy Conspiracy Gurus, Anna Wears Leather


Lee Ann is a South African hottie.

I went to Illinois this weekend. Good times.

Been awake since 4AM, kind of sick right now.

Afternoon Dump

A theory that A-Rod is just being suspended instead of having surgery [Move The Needle]

Did David Beckham help the MLS? [finding Dulcinea]

Topps releases 3D cards [Big League Stew]

A close win in the Alabama-Tennessee game [Bettor Fan]

Grown men can act childish when their team wins [Sports Crackle Pop]

T.O. to Buffalo, he hasn’t played well in cold temperatures [Josh Q. Public]

Being a Facebook playa has its challenges [Holy Taco]

A funny shirt idea about Pacman [Tasty Booze]

5 men who are conspiracy nutjobs [Coed]

Anna likes to wear leather [Epic Carnival]

Everyone knows who Imogen is [Next Round]

Kelly Brook likes to wear yellow [on 205th]

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